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10 Days Luxury Congo Safari tour

02 Nov
1Day Lowland Gorilla Tour

10 Days Luxury Congo Safari tour

10 Days Luxury Congo Safari tour,  Exploratory Gorilla tour to Kahuzi Biega

This 10 days luxury Congo Safari tour is designed for high end travelers & Mid Range travelers that wish to explore the great Kahuzi Biega national park in all corners with park Ranger enjoying different safari activities like Nature Walk to the water Falls , Chimpanzee Tracking  in lwiro , Gorilla Habituation, Culture, Climbing Kahuzi , Tea Plantations  and Gorilla trekking with the chance viewing other primates in the wilderness of Kahuzi biega National Park.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking in VirungaAfter Serious research  in the type of travelers visiting Kahuzi Biega National Park , we have decided to tailor a luxury Exploratory Congo Safari tour to tourists that wish to understand the depth of Kahuzi Biega National Park in the eastern Democratic republic of congo  on the 10 Days Exploratory kahuzi Biega Congo Safari tour

The 10 Days Luxury Congo safari tour starts from Kamembe Airport for those clients that have decided to use Rwanda air for their flights to Rwanda and then connect by road using the rusizi one border on road transport to the second biggest & organized city in Eastern Congo with Luxury Accommodation being Orchids Safari lodge for the 9 Nights in Congo .

The Congo tourists visa will be arranged by the ground tour operator and it will be valid for a period of 14 Days Starting from the date of entry and its a single entry visa . For the Rwanda Visa , it will be obtained by the client upon arrival or will have to secure it using the rwanda online service.

Detailed 10 Days Congo Safari tour to Kahuzi Biega National Park

Day 1 : Transfer from Kamembe Airport  to Bukavu

Upon Arrival from kamembe Airport in  Cyangugu Rwanda which is the closest point of Rwanda near to Democratic republic of congo , travelers are recommended to use either Kenyan Airline or Rwanda Airlines as they have flights to Cyangugu and this saves the client from driving the 8 hours from Kigali to connect to Bukavu town  and will use only 40 Minutes to be at the border and the waiting immigration officers will clear then and proceed to Congo side where the team of the park will be ready to help you go through the process of immigration. Please Make sure you have  a valid Yellow fever card , if its not available you will be treated and injected the Yellow fever, Make sure again that the yellow fever card has all your names like the way they are in the passport.

After the Crossing of the border you will jump into another safari jeep from Congo side and drive to the luxury Safari lodge for the dinner and overnight  ( Orchids Safari Club) . You will be welcomed with the juice offered before the check in of the hotel.

Day 2 : Gorilla Habituation Experience

Gorilla Trekking about FilmingUnlike the gorilla tracking where the traveler stays with the gorillas for one hour, the gorilla habituation you will stay with the Gorillas for minimum of 2 hours. after morning breakfast, you will transfer from Bukavu town to the kahuzi biega national park headquarter for briefying about the rules of Gorilla habituation and the conservation rules to be followed during the time of gorilla habituation in the great Kahuzi biega.

For Gorilla habituation may take different forms and styles , one is where the guide will drive you to where the the gorillas are and you start to move with them, watch them as they feed and play around.

yet the second style is where you go very early in the morning and watch them walk up and start to follow them as they move . This time of stay with the gorillas during habituation is only 2-4 Hours.

Day 3 : Chimpanzee Tracking and Water Fall Visit

Chimpanzee Tracking in LwiroAs kahuzi biega national park is known to be the home for the most primates , among the top most adventurous holiday trip to congo is the chimpanzee visit in Lwiro sanctuary which is located in the formal houses that were constructed by president Mobutu that were going to act as prisons for the opposition Congolese to his government , After it was turned as orphanage centre for the primates in Kahuzi biega as its adjacent to the jungle and on the route to the Thibati water falls.

This will reward you with the feeding style of the chimpanzee which are 98% like human being and this project as strong forces behind the conservation like the visit by Jane a world’s re known conservationist for the chimpanzees.  During this visit you may visit other primates like the black & white colobus, red tailed monkey or the grey cheeked mangabey.The Chimpanzee Feeding visit is limited to 4 paxs as the conservation rule.

Visiting the water falls in the Kahuzi biega national park will include walking  a certain distance as they are located This walk is for 6 people in a group. Advance booking is all-important especially during peak sea is required to secure that you secure the Gorilla habituation permit, Gorilla trekking permit , Chimpanzee permit & Water Fall Permit.

Day 4 : Eastern lowland Gorilla Trekking

Wake up to an early morning breakfast and your driver or guide will pick you up from your orchids safari lodge and head to the park quarters for briefing before the gorilla trekking expeditions, head to the trail head and begin your treks transfer. You are allowed to spend one hour with the eastern lowland gorillas once you meet the gorillas you will return to the park for few minutes relaxation and later drive back to the hotel in Bukavu enjoying the evening view of lake kivu .

Day 5 : Golden Tracking & Search for other primates

Golden MonkeyWake up very early in the morning and take the drive again to kahuzi biega national park to go for the most adventurous safari activity of watching the golden monkey. Golden monkey tracking and other primates have rules guiding their visitation and the guide will do the briefing about golden monkey tracking in congo. Golden monkeys endangered primates looking so bright because of their color. As you track them, expect to spot other primates in the forest. Afterwards return to the park headquarter and proceed back to Bukavu.

Day 6 & 7 : Climbing & Hiking Mount Kahuzi

Mount Kahuzi is the highest at 3,308m above sea level while Mount Biega, the smaller of the two stands at 2,790m above the sea level, The summits of the volcano  provide panoramic view of the entire national park, the wildlife, the neighboring communities.

Wake up in the morning and have your breakfast, you will transfer again to kahuzi biega for the climbing adventure by hiking mount kahuzi which is done in two days and one day is ascending and the next day morning is descending from the Peak.  You will reach back at the base in the relax around as you visit the tea plantations and later transfer back to Bukavu town for relaxation . Dinner and overnight at orchids Safari Lodge.

On Day 6 the overnight will be camping type and the clients with the help of the park rangers will set up their tents in the camping ground of Mount Kahuzi. Mount Kahuzi is the highest at 3,308m above sea level while Mount Biega, the smaller of the two stands at 2,790m above the sea level.

Day 8 : Nature Walk in the 6 km trail and visit the local Tea Plantations

People & Gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National ParkAfter morning breakfast, you will drive from bukavu back to the park headquarter and get the ranger guide to start on the 6 km nature as you will be spotting other primates and birds within the mega Kahuzi Biega National Park. The trails lead to various sites such as three other waterfalls found in the park. Experienced guides are going to lead you in spotting various types of wildlife and vegetation in Kahuzi Biega. Nature here is at its pristine, with travelers able to hear the sweet sounds of singing birds up the trees, and the cool air to freshen the mind of the weary traveler. By the time you depart from Kahuzi Biega National Park, you’ll have a clear mind plus more knowledge about wildlife, and a trip to this amazing park is a memorable one to cherish.

Day 9 : Home Stay activities , Understanding the culture of Congolese with Pole Pole Foundations,visit to the royal court of Kabare.

Like all african countries ,learning the culture of the society requires you to stay with them and even sleep with them  and that’s why kahuzi biega national park has done extra efforts to enable people understand the society . Spending this extra night one of the pole pole foundation community will be rewarding as you will understand the way of life in things like Cooking , food types , bedding styles and stories during the fire places as its the practice during the various communities in Africa. Dinner and overnight in one of the selected family ( Basic Camping )

There will be an extra activity charged upon the clients acceptance to visit the royal courts of Kabare. The Royal Kingdom of Kabare has a long and proud tradition as the most powerful kingdom of South Kivu and the erstwhile Mwami Kabare Rugemanizi “Zéro Zéro” was instrumental in the region’s resistance against colonisation and famously slapped a Belgian colonizer in the face. As punishment he was exiled 2,000km away, but brought back 20 years later when the Belgians as deportation clause that was developed by the Belgians as way of controling the so called big headed people in the society . To this day, the Royal Court retains its traditions and secrets, and visitors can spend time with the Mwami’s wise men who will present some of the objects of symbolic importance to the court, and to listen to the Griot sing the history of Kabare. Visits will finish with an enthusiastic Ntole dance performed by the Bushi villagers.

Day 10 : Transfer back to Kigali

Depending on the flight point , the client may  be transferred back to Kigali or Kamembe Airport for the flight back home. Travelers should be aware you will have to purchase the rwanda visa again at the border when crossing back from Congo . The drive from Bukavu will reward you viewing the primates along the road in Nyungwe forest national Park. Arriving in Kigali in Late evening during the flight time .

End of the 10 Days congo gorilla trekking Tour


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