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Car Rental For Self Drive in Tanzania?

13 Feb

Car Rental For Self Drive in Tanzania?

Car Rental for Tanzania Safari: Self Drive in Tanzania

Many travellers visiting Tanzania in this post covid effect are interested in seeing more than what they are paying, Primate Safaris Tanzania offers travel tips to guide you to plan a self-drive Adventure in Tanzania to enjoy an eco-friendly wildlife safari & Chimpanzee tracking.

Renting a car and self-driving in Tanzania is very much possible. The car rental business in Tanzania is still at its infant stage but the few rental companies are doing a tremendous job. Travellers who have come out of their shell to take on the self dive expeditions in Tanzania have been satisfied with the experience because of the professionalism of the car providers, the well-conditioned and all-terrain vehicles hired out and also the amazing and picture-perfect places to visit. In this article, we shall avail the traveller with all the necessary information to rent a car for a self-drive in Tanzania.

Where to rent a car in Tanzania?

There are a few common places to rent a car in Tanzania and these can be counted on fingertips. Note that if one rents a car from these designated places, one is able to drive at any other place or region in the country. These car rental areas are strategically located making it easy for both local and foreign travellers to pick up the car and traverse to their preferred destinations. Travellers can easily rent cars from Dodoma the capital of Tanzania, Arusha, Mwanza, Zanzibar, and Dar Es Salaam.
While in these cities, the car provider can easily access you to start off your journey to the other places of the country.

Tips of renting a car in Tanzania

Do Online Booking; Internet browsing is the easiest way of getting a rental provider in Tanzania
Book in Advance; reserving your rental car at the earliest time possible does not only give you time to plan your trip perfectly but also makes you save on your car rental. Early birds are always given discounts by car rental companies.
Book a rental car near airport. Tanzania has so many airports in the different cities. Ensure that you rent a car near the airport you are to arrive and depart while on your trip.
Hire from a reputable company; a reputable company can be known by its reviews from trip advisor and other travel platforms. Go for the rental company with good reviews and well known around Tanzania.

Requirements of renting a car in Tanzania

A valid driver’s license; a client must have a valid driver’s license and must be presented to the car rental service provider for verification. With the driver’s license at hand, car rental provider is able to know that the client is eligible and able to drive a car. An international driver’s license or your national license is acceptable across the country apart from Zanzibar where you are instructed to get a license after going through a short driving test by the authorities.

Presentation of the passport or national identification card; a personal identification document is asked of the hirer by the car rental provider. The car rental provider must know the person is renting a car to.

Payment of the services; the client is supposed to pay for the car rental services before starting off his/her self drive trip. The payment can be made in US dollars, Euros, Pound sterling and Tanzania shilling. Electronic payment is also provided to the client.

Reading and signing of the car rental agreement: there is a black and white document issued to the hirer by the rental company. This contains the terms and conditions of renting a car in Tanzania. The hirer is meant to read and sign as consent that he/she has obliged to rent and drive the vehicle under the terms and conditions stipulated to him/her by the rental company.

Driving in Tanzania

Tanzania follows the convention driving rules and laws. The driving in Tanzania is done on the left side. A driver should not exceed 50km/hr. in the urban areas and 80km/hr. on highways. The road signs and radars must be followed all times. There are traffic officers both on the streets and highways to track down road offenders.

In the national parks, the animals are given the first priority. The driver should always stop when the animals are crossing. In case, one knocks down the animal while driving one is liable to a premium fine or even imprisonment. Don’t get off track in the national parks. The speed limit in the national parks is 40km/hrs.

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