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Congo Gorilla Trek Guide

Congo Gorilla Trek Guide-2018/19 DR Congo adventure

Planning a Gorilla Trekking in Congo, Find all the information you need to know about gorilla trekking in Congo, where to stay, tour operators, when to go, how to get a gorilla permit, gorilla rules and 3 Days congo gorilla safari and Africa Safari companies to guide you on gorilla  & wildlife Safaris to Democratic republic of congo.

Which Safari Company Should i use for Gorilla Trekking in Africa ?

Congo Safari CompanyKahuzi Biega national Park encourage you to book your gorilla tour with Trusted companies such as Congo Gorilla Safaris,Primate Safaris Rwanda and others. Here is the list of credible Congo safari companies or travel agents. A company should be able to arrange your gorilla permit, book for you accommodation close to the park, offer transport during the Gorilla tour. Make sure that the total cost of the safari per person includes the permit.

Eastern Lowland Gorillas roaming in south lake kivu in Democratic republic of congo and yet for the Mountain Gorillas they can be see in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.  Africa Gorilla Trekking safari can be a wonderful safari adventure to visit the primates in the world, Gorilla trekking is the best & popular safari activity next to Wildlife adventure in Africa, Central Africa has the numerous tourists attractions.

Democratic republic of Congo is ranked among the top Destination & Virgin adventure holiday place with amazing tourists attractions like the endangered Eastern Lowland Gorillas, Mountain Gorillas and the Okapis.

Gorilla Trekking safaris to congo can start from Rwanda and Cross to Congo through the Goma Border or Rusizi Border in South of Lake Kivu. Click here to book a gorilla trekking experience in Democratic republic of congo.

Democratic republic of congo Gorilla Trekking Cost. How Much To Pay?

  • A Mountain / Eastern Lowland gorilla permit also includes the entry into the national park( Virunga & Kahuzi Biega , the ranger guides who will accompany you, the one hour adventure with the gorillas, government taxes.
  • You can now take the deep breath and enjoy the eventual guide to Eastern lowland gorilla Trekking in Kahuzi biega National Park Bukavu& Mountain gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park Goma.
  • Congo’s gorilla trekking permit goes for $400 throughout the whole year but the parks tend to offer Special offers that are always communicated through the park officials through the Tour operators and clients when booking through the park. Always check for the special offers to enjoy gorilla trekking safaris to Congo.

Congo gorilla safari and how much it costs

As the visitors to congo tend to mix Climbing Niragongo in Virunga and Watching the Mountain Gorillas before embarking on the ferry to transfer to Bukavu the nearest town to the park, which may reward you through passing the Largest island on Lake Kivu called the Idjwi Island. Get the great value of money, As your planning to travel to east Africa & Central Africa, a mixed safari to Tanzania , Uganda and Rwanda to watch the remaining primates in the world like Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe forest national park on the way back from Bukavu.

However When Booking a Gorilla Safari to Congo , Consider the following :

  1. Recommended to Book a Gorilla Permit either through a tour Operator or a Park official to enable you enjoy Gorilla Trekking in Congo. However its possible to travel by public transport to enjoy Gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda but in Congo its different story as Public transport never risk to use public means to adventure but book the gorilla permit & Transport through the Tour operator or Park for example Contact Vianney for Virunga National Park & Andrew for Kahuzi Biega National Park .  To avoid missing the Gorilla Trekking Experience and the risk of purchasing the second Gorilla permit due to the fact that gorilla permits are non-refundable and this means that in case you reach late, you will have missed your adventure slot. Therefore visitors coming to democratic republic of congo for adventure trips are advised to  plan group tour or book their own driver and vehicle and mostly through a Congo tour operator.
  2. The Shortest number of days to watch the Eastern Lowland gorillas when your based from Rwanda is 3 Days Lowland Gorilla tour and costing around USD 1300p/p including the Visa to congo in mid range lodge of Coco lodge. However this trip comes with the extra way to view the thousand hills of Rwanda.   In case a tour is advertised to involve gorilla trekking , check on various destination for gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda then the cost of the permit should be included in the final quote, but you have to read the includes and excludes carefully, check out on the various Tour Operators that offer Gorilla Tours in Congo.

How to buy Gorilla permits Kahuzi Biega National Park

Kahuzi Biega National Park is not a popular Tourists Destination and its only visited by the few Exceptional that can take an adventure at any Cost , Gorilla Permits to Kahuzi Biega national park can be obtained even on last minute , even if we advise that you book the gorilla permit in advance but even last minute is always available for last minute travelers to Congo. Dont miss the chance to  visit the Eastern Lowland Gorillas on 3 Days gorilla trekking safari.

In case of booking the gorilla permit, the park/Tour operator  will require the following

  • The date that you would like to track the Eastern Lowland Gorillas, Enter Day to enable visa processing. You can identify some dates and also send your passport number details to the agency going to buy the Gorilla permit for you.
  • Your name, nationality as well as the passport number, the gorilla permits are known to be non-Transferable, this means that you will have to show that you will need to show the passport or some sort of identification at the pre trekking briefing
  • About the payment, the best way to pay is by making a wire transfer and please inform the bank to reduce any transaction charges from your account.
  • In case you are to buy the permits directly from Kahuzi Biega National Park through the online reservation system that the park has developed with the help of Wildlife conservation society.
  • NO Scanned copy of Gorilla permit is issue for congo side . just know that the park has reserved the gorilla permit, its based on mutual trust.
  • Eastern Lowland Gorillas being having similar DNA to humans, gorillas are highly susceptible to illness, and even catching a common cold could wipe out an entire group. Park visitors must keep a minimum distance of seven metres from the animals at all times, and visits are limited to one hour .

Africa Gorilla SafarisBecause of these restrictions, the future of this critically-endangered creature looks bright. Following decades of illegal deforestation and poaching, the number of Eastern Lowland gorillas at Kahuzi Biega National Park has steadied at around 400, and for the first time in years, it is very slowly on the rise with the much effort increased in the park through the Wildlife conservation Society.

Gorilla tracking is no stroll in the park, It can take anywhere up to 5 hours to find the elusive creatures in the dense undergrowth. Guides lead trekkers up precipitous verges and across rivers, and rusty machetes are used to hack paths through the thick, thorny rain forest. its great that after this experience the trekkers can join a Tanzania Safari adventure to enjoy the watching of the big five or a Uganda Safari / Rwanda Gorilla Safari.


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