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Gorilla Families

Gorilla Groups in Kahuzi Biega National Park – Congo Gorilla Safaris

Eastern Lowland Gorillas spend the major part of their life in small social groups led by a mature silverback male. Only young black back males and mature silverback males are known to spend extended periods of time ranging solidarity.

Kahuzi Biega National Park is known as home for the Eastern Lowlands and  Gorillas trekking  is done in the Kahuzi Biega national Park that is a composition of Mount Kahuzi and Mount Biega  to form the famous Kahuzi Biega national Park the home for the eastern lowland gorillas in the world , just as quick reminder Eastern Lowland gorillas can be viewed in Democratic republic of Congo with over 500 Gorillas .

Kahuzi Biega National Park has 9 Gorilla Families and they have habituated only 5 gorilla groups which are open for visitors, with one Silverback that is staying in the local community that broke away from the Chimanuka.

These a habituated gorilla families that have been trained to tolerate human present making organized gorilla trekking possible and safe. And because it is safe you get to have the amazing experience of looking into a silver back’s eyes, or watching this magnificent creatures go about their day, taking care of their young, feeding, and simply being without worrying about being attacked or the gorillas hiding away from you. The entire experience is simply magical and definitely an adventure you can never forget.

Male Lowland gorillas fight over three main things, territory, females and food. In Kahuzi Biega National Park disputes have occurred between the two habituated families, the Chimanuka and Mugaruka, named after the dominant male silverbacks. The latest dispute resulted in Chimanuka winning, after which he subsequent took all of the females and infants from Mugaruka for himself.

There are 12 Lowland gorilla families in Kahuzi Biega National Park. Two are habituated for visitors, Chimanuka and Mugaruka, both named after the dominant male silverback. Chimanuka is the silverback of a large family containing 36 members. Along with him there are 17 females and 18 infants aging from 6 months to 9 years old.

The family is famous for having 4 sets of twins, a phenomenon unseen in any Eastern Gorilla populations. Mugaruka lost one hand in a poachers trap and is now a solitary male after losing his accompanying females and infants in a fight with Chimanuka.

How Fit Must You Be To Visit The Gorillas in Congo ?

While you do not need to be sportsman fit to go gorilla trekking, you will enjoy the experience better if you have a general level of fitness. You will be doing quite a bit of walking as you track the Eastern lowland gorillas, you do not want to be too worn out from the trek to enjoy the gorillas when you eventually find them. If you are not quite fit, or used to walking much, a few hill walks would be good exercise for you as you prepare for your Congo gorilla safari.

So what is it like seeing a wild gorilla only a few metres away ?

Well, at first, there may be a fluster in the trees or a violent shake in the canopy above your head. Then there may be a bang and a clatter, or a snapped branch and dark shapes plummeting into a clearing in front of you. Expect your adrenaline levels to rocket and, in the warm, thin air, you will realise that cowering in front of an oncoming silverback is not something you could ever get used to and when that moment happens the Ranger guide will take control of the situation, Stay relaxed.

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