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Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking in Congo – Visit Eastern Lowland & Mountain Gorillas in Democratic Republic of congo.

Eastern lowland Gorilla trekking Tours are some of the most adventurous safaris you could ever take in Africa and can only be undertaken in Democratic republic of congo unlike the mountain gorillas can be viewed in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo on the entire continent.

Congo gorilla trekking is done in  either Kahuzi Biega National Park or Maiko National Park ( Eastern Lowland Gorillas) & Virunga National Park for the Mountain Gorilla Trekking which is part of the greater Virunga Massif . The Number of mountain gorillas in Virunga is amounting to 400 Species with 8 Gorilla groups that are open for Trekking yet in the kahuzi Biega national Park is the only destination conserving the biggest number of Eastern lowland gorillas amounting to over 400 Species and 9 Groups habituated but one group is open for trekking .

In Congo gorilla trekking is among the popular safari activity to enjoyed by travelers that risk all the warnings on Travel forums to view the mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas in Virunga national Park & Kahuzi biega Respectively .

>>Here Kahuzi Biega national Park travel guide brings to you the most important facts about Congo Gorilla Trekking Adventures in Africa.

All the Gorilla trekking permit fee is the same in all the national parks of Congo costing only USD 400 for the internationals and a number of new initiatives are being put in place in congo to help safeguard the country’s environmental future and protect the world’s remaining wild mountain gorillas and Lowland gorillas even the clearly of the new ways of obtaining visas to congo for a memorable gorilla trekking experience .

When visiting Kahuzi Biega the most important activity is the lowland Gorilla Trekking where two families out the 9 Families is available for Trekking by Gorilla Trekkers that visit Congo for once a life time experience. Lowland Gorilla Trekking is similar to Mountain Gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park, So don’t miss the unforgettable Experience of watching the primates in the Jungle.

Just before the entrance to the park is the Tshivanga Visitor Centre. You will be Briefed and guided by park staff of Kahuzi Biega National park that will assist with payment and registration for the best Gorilla Tour Experience. Make sure you take a photo with the large gorilla statue while waiting for trackers locate the gorilla family. Once the location is confirmed you will begin to drive into the park.

On the Day of Gorilla Trekking

The Park guide will give you a short introduction before starting the forest hike. He will cover the history, geography and some facts about the gorilla family you will be visiting. The guide will also provide you with advice on how to behave when with the gorillas while in the jungle.

Following the briefing you begin your journey along narrow jungle paths to meet the gorillas. Masks are worn to prevent gorillas from catching human disease. The length of this hike depends on the location of the gorillas. Some days they can be 20-40 minute walk from the road into the Forest, other days it can take over an hour of walking to reach the Lowland gorillas as they are always on the Move for the search of food.

When you enter the territory of the gorillas you will be welcomed by the enormous male silver back, making sure you are not a threat. After he accepts your presence a magical time observing the gorillas will begin, which is truly a once in a lifetime experience and you will have 1 hour in the forest with the lowland Gorillas.

What to Expect on  gorilla trekking

Gorilla tracking can take a varied length of time depending on the group that is tracking, the general location of the gorilla family, the terrain, weather and a few other factors. Sometimes the tracking will take as short as 1 Hour minutes, other times it will take as long as 5 hours.

As you hike through the forest, follow the lead of your guide. As you climb up the steep slopes of the volcanoes, and through the forest, you will need to pull your self up steep paths by grasping onto plant roots, branches, bushes, etc. a walking stick could also come in handy. You will get thirsty, so be sure to carry enough water. The trek through the forest can be tiring but the encounter with the gorillas is worth all the effort.

A gorilla encounter

When you enter into the jungle to search for the lowland gorillas , you will be relieved and happy to find the gorillas in the wild while feeding & playing with the young ones. The trackers will clear the brush away so you can get a clear view of these magnificent creatures and allow you to take clear photos about these endangered species. It is truly an amazing Gorilla Trekking experience.

If you look a gorilla in the eye, and he begins charging at you, don’t run, stay still and lower your head as a sign of submission and Respect but never beat your chest while with the lowland gorillas.

What to Bring for Lowland Gorilla Trekking:
1. Sturdy boots or shoes for walking in the forest (Wellington Boots can be purchased in Bukavu)
2. Long pants to wear when hiking
3. Rain Jacket
4. Water
5. Camera (no flash photography allowed)
6. Snacks or a Picnic Lunch

Other Destinations for Gorilla Trekking

Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park located in south western Uganda is independent from the virunga conservation areas, its a home to about 13 Gorilla families of which 2 are for gorilla habituation experience. Bwindi national park can easily be accessed from Kigali via Cyanika border if your planning a 3 Days  Uganda gorilla safari but can also start from entebbe for visitors planning to enter the country through Uganda.

Volcanoes national Park Rwanda , part of the virunga conservation area, the park is home to 10 gorilla families and offers the most expensive gorilla trekking experience of all the three mountain gorilla trekking adventure due to the increased mountain Gorilla permits which is costing USD 1500 Per person .The park is loved by most travelers or visitors due to the ease accessibility which is about 3 hours drive from Kigali the capital City of Rwanda.

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