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Congo Safari Guide- Visit Congo Guide: primates & Wildlife

Democratic republic of congo  is a dream destination for most adventurous travelers that select to visit gorillas, Hiking tours and river congo . From the Eastern gorillas( Mountain gorillas & Eastern lowland gorillas)  to hiking tours to nyiragongo volcano — the country knows no shortage of breathtaking scenery. Visitors can experience the best of it by volcanic hiking,  trekking for the search for primates. Congo safari trip does require a bit of planning and searching for the reliable tour operator in congo. Use this guide to determine the best time for your bucket-list trip to Democratic republic of congo.

Democratic republic of congo speak french . If french is not your first language, we’re a friendly country and most people will be patient communicating with you. You will need some basics to get around – like understanding times and prices, and being able to ask for help if you need it.  If you’re not confident making bookings in french, then consider joining a tour group, or booking your trip as a package in your home country.

Congo safari guide listed the best accommodations, tourist attraction, national parks and Wildlife conservation in Congo, Check out for the latest news and updated regarding gorilla trekking in congo.

Democratic republic of congo is a unique place where you can enjoy gorillas either the mountain gorillas, Eastern lowland Gorillas, the birds, adventure tourism, the chimpanzee as well as the home stay. This country is the world’s number one destination for the snow capped mountains, misty forests, the green hills.

The Best Time to Visit Congo primates

Climate: The climate is tropically hot and humid in the lower western and central regions, which frequent heavy rains from November through May south of the equator and from April to November in the north, whilst along the equator itself there is only one season. The higher regions of the east, though, have fairly temperate weather. Average annual temperatures are 25°C (77°F) in the low central basin and 17° to 20°C (63° to 68°F) at altitudes of 5,000 ft.

Where to go gorilla trekking in Congo

You can find gorilla trekking in the famous Virunga National Park and Kahuzi biega National park, Maiko National park,, there are also the bush babies, pangolins, in the giant forests as well as the wealth of birds. More so, you don’t need to be a primate safari lover in order to enjoy this beautiful country, even though you are an adventure lover or a sports lover, you will enjoy the fantastic climbs of Mount  Nyiragongo commonly known for mountain climbing and experience some fresh air of the shores of Lake Kivu with the view of Africa’s forgotten island of Idjwi in middle lake kivu of Democratic republic of congo.

 Security warnings

Almost every government in the world has a travel warning on the area advising their nationals against travel there, the tourism heart of eastern congo is booming as the number of tourists visiting the region for adventurous gorilla trekking and Nyiragongo hiking in virunga national park.

The Congo Parks are managed by team from ICCN, the Congolese national park’s rangers responsible for security in the Virunga National Park and kahuzi biega national park. Their presence does not guarantee our safety, and therefore the decision to travel to this region must be yours and yours alone.

In the last three years,the southern sector of Virunga National Park (gorillas and volcano) has been considered safe for visitors with over a 100 tourists visiting these sites every month. The Ruwenzori Mountains are also open for tourists and can be reached from Beni in the North of the park.

The management of Virunga National Park & Kahuzi Biega national park is  dedicated to ensure the safety and security of all its visitors. It does, however, emphasize the importance that all visitors be aware of current security issues at the time of their visit. Virunga National Park  & Kahuzi Biega national park cannot take responsibility for any accidents or incidents. If any signs indicate a security issue, the Management of   Parks can decide to  temporarily close one of its destinations and all bookings to those destinations will be refunded.

Wildlife in Congo

Wildlife: The rain forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo contain great biodiversity, including many rare
and endemic species, such as both species of chimpanzee: the common chimpanzee and the bonobo , mountain gorillas, okapi and white rhino. Five of the country’s national parks are listed as World Heritage Sites: the Garumba, Kahuzi-Biega, Salonga and Virunga National Parks, and the Okapi Wildlife Reserve. The civil war and resultant poor economic conditions have endangered much of this biodiversity.

The Democratic republic of Congo has its own currency the Congolese Franc, however for normal day to day expenditures US$ are easily accepted and valid as a Congolese citizen currency. The exchange rate is approximately 1US$ =1300CF, Travelers coming to Congo are advised to carry small currency notes of USD from 1 US$.

A typical Safari in Congo

The more knowledge you have about a particular destination, the more enjoyable your gorilla safari or Congo safari will be at the end! Therefore you are encouraged to contact travel specialists in order to ensure that the many questions are answered and you have no worries at all.

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