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Door to Door Airport Transfer Service in Uganda


 When you are travelling to Africa for the first time for a business trip, there are key facts that will guide you to book your airport transfer. In this article, we are considering when visiting Uganda for an ultimate Uganda Safari or guided gorilla trekking in this covid 19 era. Kahuzi Biega National Park guide […]

13 Feb

Car Rental For Self Drive in Tanzania?


 Car Rental for Tanzania Safari: Self Drive in Tanzania Many travellers visiting Tanzania in this post covid effect are interested in seeing more than what they are paying, Primate Safaris Tanzania offers travel tips to guide you to plan a self-drive Adventure in Tanzania to enjoy an eco-friendly wildlife safari & Chimpanzee tracking. Renting a […]

02 Nov
1Day Lowland Gorilla Tour

10 Days Luxury Congo Safari tour


 10 Days Luxury Congo Safari tour,  Exploratory Gorilla tour to Kahuzi Biega This 10 days luxury Congo Safari tour is designed for high end travelers & Mid Range travelers that wish to explore the great Kahuzi Biega national park in all corners with park Ranger enjoying different safari activities like Nature Walk to the water […]

01 Nov
Golden Monkey

Golden Monkey Trekking


 Golden Monkey Habituation in Kahuzi Biega National Park . Among the top Safari Activities and primates to be visited & trekked in Kahuzi biega is the Golden monkey which have been spotted in the great Kahuzi biega . Democratic republic of congo  is primate country has its well known to be the home for the […]

Top Destinations for Gorilla Trekking in Africa


 Leading Gorilla tracking Destinations in Africa : Uganda, Rwanda and DR congo. Gorilla trekking is becoming over and over again a house hold name on every ones what do list when in Africa and particularly to the East African region. Gorillas are gentle and special specie of primates that share aver 98% of human DNA.These […]

What to look for while booking car Hire services


 What to Consider when booking Car rental Services in Africa, Rwanda The road trips are one of the best safaris in Africa and they might actually be the most favourite and honest safaris for you. Renting a car gives mush freedom since you can stop wherever and whenever you want. You can even decide to […]

What to Pack for Your Kahuzi Biega Gorilla Vacation


 You are headed to  Kahuzi biega National Park where you will find the eastern lowland gorilals and more wildlife than anywhere else in the world as democratic republic of congo is known for special species like the eastern lowland gorillas, peacock and other primates. From high mountain peaks to green valleys and various rivers in […]

Africa’s oldest national park faces closure.


 Africa’s oldest national park of Virunga faces closure due to the fact that the park is having security problem as revealed on 11 May communication from Virunga Officials to suspend the tourists activities in the park which included gorilla trekking , Nyiragongo Hiking , Chimpanzee Tracking & Rwenzori mountaineering plus sight seeing the virunga mountains […]

How to Find For Hiring a Self Drive Car in Uganda


 Using a hired car is a great way to get around when you’re on holiday but there are a few things you need to know when making your booking. There are many car hire companies to choose from, so you may wish to look around before you decide which one to go with. Booking your […]