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01 Nov
Golden Monkey

Golden Monkey Trekking

Golden Monkey Habituation in Kahuzi Biega National Park . Among the top Safari Activities and primates to be visited & trekked in Kahuzi biega is the Golden monkey which have been spotted in the great Kahuzi biega . Democratic republic of congo  is primate country has its well known to be the home for the […]


What to Pack for Your Kahuzi Biega Gorilla Vacation

You are headed to  Kahuzi biega National Park where you will find the eastern lowland gorilals and more wildlife than anywhere else in the world as democratic republic of congo is known for special species like the eastern lowland gorillas, peacock and other primates. From high mountain peaks to green valleys and various rivers in […]

01 Nov

Best attractions in Maiko National Park

Maiko National Park Congo : Eastern Lowland Gorillas In Africa Apart from the famous Kahuzi Biega National Park in eastern democratic republic of congo is maiko National park located near benin and the most lovely things in this national park is the eastern lowland gorillas, Chimpanzee and other primates worth the visit once the Park […]

31 Oct

Cost of Gorilla Permit in Africa

Cost of the Gorilla permit in Africa, Africa Gorilla Trekking As its well known that mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas are mainly done in Africa, going on a gorilla trek safari in Africa will require you to have secured the gorilla permit for the gorilla trekking experience which can be combined with tanzania wildlife safari […]

19 Sep
Kahuzi Biega National Park

Gorilla Habituation Safaris as an Activity by Potential Visitors

Gorilla Habituation Safari Experience in Rwanda , Uganda and DR congo Uganda and Rwanda in particular have several mountain gorilla families habituated for purposes of tourism and research. The process of mountain gorilla habituation can take from two to three years to be completed. Habituation in Uganda is done by a group of researchers, who […]

16 Aug
Mount Kahuzi Climbing mouse

Mount Kahuzi climbing mouse

The Mount Kahuzi climbing mouse (Dendromus kahuziensis) is a rodent found only in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and it can be spotted in Kahuzi Biega National Park , visitors seeking watching the Mount kahuzi Climbing mouse. Like other climbing mice, this species has a remarkably long, semi-prehensile tail, which is thought to help […]

16 May
Nyiragongo Volcano

Gorilla Trekking & Hiking Virunga Mountains in Africa

We present to you an authentic Guide to Virunga Mountains the home for the mountain Gorillas & Gorilla Trekking adventures in Africa, Guide to Mount Nyiragongo hiking,how to go gorilla trekking & Nyiragongo Hike, Congo safaris, Gorilla tours in congo, Reliable Tour Operators. Virunga Mountains, Virunga also spelled Birunga, also called Mufumbiro Mountains , volcanic […]

07 May
Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Permits

Rwanda announces increase in the price of Mountain Gorilla Permits

News and updates from Rwanda Development board has announced the increase of the Mountain Gorilla Trekking permit to Volcanoes national Park Rwanda. According the news published to other travelers forums , Kahuzi Biega National Park guide has been informed of the price changes of the mountain Gorilla Permits. Find Updates and News about the gorilla […]


Climbing Mount Nyiragongo Volcano

About Mount Nyiragongo in Virunga Congo. Welcome to the Nyiragongo Volcano Guide offering travel information about climbing nyiragongo, where to stay( safari lodges and Trusted tours Operators in Congo, Cost of the Nyiragongo Hiking permit, gorilla trekking permits and Mountain Gorilla tracking adventure to Congo like 3 Days Gorilla Safari and 3 Days Nyiragongo climbing […]


Plan an Africa Safari

How to Plan a Safari in Africa: A Step by Step Guide An African safari is a trip that should be on every traveler’s bucket list, according to Melissa Biggs Bradley, the founder of the luxury travel company Indagare and a 15-time safari veteran. “A safari taps into the primitive ways of humankind because you’re […]