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What to look for while booking car Hire services

What to Consider when booking Car rental Services in Africa, Rwanda The road trips are one of the best safaris in Africa and they might actually be the most favourite and honest safaris for you. Renting a car gives mush freedom since you can stop wherever and whenever you want. You can even decide to […]

19 Oct
Gorilla Trekking about Filming

Congo Eastern lowland Gorilla Filming

Kahuzi Biega National Park DR Congo, Eastern Lowland gorillas Filming Safaris. Kahuzi Biega national Park is located in the eastern part of democratic republic of congo , with Bukavu as the capital of South Kivu. From Bukavu you can film lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National park, Idjwi Island on Lake Kivu, and Minova village. […]

16 Sep

Lowland Gorilla Safaris in Kahuzi Biega National Park

Lowland Gorilla Trekking in DR Congo- Kahuzi Biega National Park Kahuzi biega national park was founded in 1939 and later a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980, Kahuzi – Biega National Park remains the last stronghold of the eastern lowland gorillas, numbering around 250 individuals with three habituated families. Dominated by two huge extinct […]

12 Jul
kahuzi biega national park

What to Know About Kahuzi Biega National Park

In Democratic republic of congo is the country where the famous Kahuzi Biega National Park is located in the south kivu , its the only destination where Eastern Lowland gorilla trekking is done in the entire world as these primates are only found in Democratic republic of congo. Kahuzi Biega National Park¬† Facts . Kahuzi-Biega […]