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Why Uganda is just the perfect destination this Christmas holiday season.

Why Uganda is just the perfect destination this Christmas holiday season.

The story of Christmas is celebrated by Christians all around the world and Christmas in Uganda is no different. It is a joyful season, a quiet and reflective holiday. The warmth and love surrounding it is a joy to be savored with family and friends. It is a time of reminiscing and looking forward.

There are sunny intervals instead of snow and this intrigues most tourists who choose to visit Uganda in this time of the year. These tourists are always stunned by this great weather which makes Uganda unique in its own way. For Ugandans, being surrounded by family and friends, savoring the peaceful days, and enjoying the food is what they love most about Christmas and as such, most people move from towns to villages to spend this holiday season with their loved ones whom they haven’t seen in a while.

Uganda was referred to as “The Pearl of Africa” by Winston S Churchill in his book, “My African Journey” in which he further described it as one beautiful garden from end to end where the staple food grows almost without labour. Uganda is ranked number 8 among the top 12 emerging travel destinations that tourists must look out for in 2016 if they are to get value for their money.

Most Christmas traditions around the world are quite similar in a number of ways, and some of them are practiced even in Uganda, including Christmas trees, decorating homes and streets with ribbons, Christmas lights and Christmas carols. Ugandans have on the other hand invented their own traditions due to factors that include the difference in time zones with other parts of the world in which case, instead of snow, the sun is up. These traditions include kids’ parties, Christmas parties, going to church, family reunions among others.

While in the country, tourists can take part in quite a number of activities which include, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, mountain hiking, white water rafting, wildlife game drives, spot fishing, bird watching, cultural tours, nature walks, and many more. All these are easily enjoyed during this period because they are cheaper and more interesting.

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