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Why Trek the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda than Uganda With Congo Tour Operator

Why Trek the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda than Uganda With Congo Tour Operator

Right a Way from the Start whiling Looking for the Tour Operator for the Ultimate Gorilla Trek in Rwanda is to find the best Safari Company irrespective of it being a Congo Safari Company or a Ugandan or Rwanda its all about Securing the Gorilla Permit at the right time in the right Place. Many Safari Companies offer Gorilla Tours in all the three Virunga Regions including Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in South Western Uganda. for Example Active African Vacations limited is a Local Tour Operator that is based in Kampala Uganda but is offer Gorilla Safari Experience in all the Mountain Gorilla Region with a Simple Extension to the Lowland Gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Only Wishing to trek the Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park? Rwanda Gorilla Trek is offering the Best Gorilla Safaris & Tours to the Virunga Region at the Discounted Price Quotes with the Help inform from a Team of  Experts Based in Uganda , Rwanda.

Having a Gorilla Safari Trek to Rwanda Among your Bucket of Travel for 2016? Get the Dream come reality by Visiting the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda than in Uganda Irrespective of the Expensive Gorilla Permit in Rwanda than Uganda. Find the Complete Guide to help you select the Gorilla Side to Visit in Rwanda.

Rwanda provides the easiest access to gorilla trekking at volcanoes national park so it is your best option if you are combining it with a safari to Uganda or Tanzania or if you only have a few days. The town of Ruhengeri, the jumping off point for trekking in Volcanoes National Park and is only a few hours’ drive on excellent roads from the capital. Seeing gorillas in Uganda is more of a process and involves an 8-10 hour drive from the international airport in Entebbe. I recommend making Uganda a full 8-day trip with stops along the way instead of just a place to see gorillas whereas you could see gorillas in Rwanda in just a few days or even a one day gorilla trek.

Gorilla permits in Rwanda have recently been increased to $750 per person per each permit and they are $600 per person per each permit in Uganda. The permit gets you an hour of time spent with the gorillas with an 8 person group. You are contributing to the preservation of gorillas and as a “thank you” you get to spend an hour with them. Remember only 80 people a day get to see them and their habitat is very fragile. Every time you walk through the forest you are leaving a footprint. Conservation in the park has become a national priority. Visitors must buy separate permits not only to see the gorillas but also to hike the volcanoes or explore caves. Much of the revenue is dedicated to fighting poaching and rangers find 100 traps on average in the park each month.

Seeing mountain gorillas can involve 2-8 hours of hiking to find them in both Uganda and Rwanda. That being said, the general experience is that treks in Rwanda are slightly easier while those in Uganda are slightly more strenuous. Again there are no guarantees either way. I have friends who hiked for three hours in Rwanda before finding a troop while my group came across a troop in just over an hour in Uganda. There is no difference.

But all in all it will be a long day and the hikes can vary quite a bit depending on where the animals spent the night and which troop you are seeing. Officially you are required to keep a 27-foot distance from the gorillas. In practice, the Mountain Gorillas often violate this rule by coming closer to you as you stand quietly observing or photographing them. It is still helpful to have a telephoto capability on your camera since some animals are shy, and the Silverback may be very protective of the young. You are not allowed to touch the gorillas, though it would be easy to do so.

Your Mountain Gorilla viewing permit allows you to spend one hour with a habituated group of Mountain Gorillas. Sometimes your guide may allow you a few more minutes, especially if you have had a long trek to reach them and the tourist group is not disturbing to the gorillas. Journeys clients who reach the Mountain Gorillas are thrilled with the experience. Even with the one-hour limit, all Journeys clients are thrilled and report that the effort was worth it.

There are 10 habituated troops in Rwanda. The gorilla trekking system is similar in all countries and because gorillas are followed on a daily basis, a sighting in all the locations is virtually guaranteed. The most comfortable times for gorilla trekking are the dry seasons July-September and December-February. It can and does rain in every month and the effects of climate change are quite evident in this area of East Africa with seasonal rains being much less predictable and sometimes more intense. All gorilla tracking parties leave around 8:00am when there is least likelihood of heavy rain. If you happen to be assigned a distant gorilla group requiring four or more hours of tracking your chances of returning in the rain increase


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