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What makes Kahuzi Biega National Park a Safe Destination for Gorilla Trekking

07 Jan
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What makes Kahuzi Biega National Park a Safe Destination for Gorilla Trekking

Kahuzi Biega national Park has developed and gained the momentum of visitors since the park was put under the wildlife conservation society to manage the conservation projects.

Democratic republic of congo ‘s tourism industry has started to grow and its booming at a high rank compared to the past years of 2003 when it was ranked as the unsafe destination to be visited in Africa.

A gorilla trekking experience in Kahuzi Biega National Park, which home to the Eastern Lowland gorillas in Democratic republic of Congo, will allow you to discover many wonderful and unique characteristics and behaviorism of these magnificent creatures.

Eastern lowland gorillas are one of Africa’s most beloved of primates and this is made obvious by the sheer number of international travellers who come to visit the continent for an African safari experience. Eastern lowland gorillas can only be seen in the Democratic republic of Congo in the famous national park of Kahuzi Biega.

Here are some fun facts about the Eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega national park:

1) They are largely herbivorous and eat a wide range of plants, fruits, seeds, leaves, stems and barks as well as ants, termites and other insects

2) Eastern lowland gorillas are the largest on average of all gorilla subspecies

3) Males can weigh 250 kilograms and can reach two metres tall when standing

4) Visitors are allowed one hour with the lowland gorilla, and during this hour you can watch them feeding and playing with their young ones. After this special experience, trekkers are invited to visit to the local community to meet the people who inhabitant the forest and who were previously living with the lowland gorillas.

5) The main threat to these lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National park is the habitat loss from illegal logging, agriculture and illegal settlements; poaching and wildlife trade of mainly baby gorillas and mining for coltan as explained.

6) Through observing the gorillas in the wild, we learnt that they will make a new nest from the vegetation for every night, and that the young gorillas will share their mother’s nest until they are about three years old.


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