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Essential Self drive Packing list for travelers to Bukavu in Congo

Essential Self drive Packing list for travelers to Bukavu in Congo

Democratic republic of congo is commonly known as the unsafe destination for Self drive adventures in Africa, But Car rental congo has been able to explore the various parts of congo on Self drive Adventures to visit Kahuzi Biega national Park & Virunga National Park.

Car rental Congo is among the leading car rental company in Congo to offer self drive & Car hire services in Africa as we have ever been in places that we recommend you to visit . Dont miss to visit Kahuzi Biega National Park & Virunga National Park for Gorilla trekking Safari comparison between the mountain Gorillas and Eastern Lowland gorillas in Africa.

While planning to visit the Dark Continent with so many mysteries (Africa) to encounter as well as beautiful people with open welcoming hands, one should carry important gadgets/ gear to make their exploration and adventure in the various countries of the continent very exciting, exceptional and wonderful. Below is some of the gear you should carry with you to Africa.

Laptop or Tablet Device; If you are planning to visit Africa, carry a tablet piece like a candid laptop/ ipad to enable you post your entire experience for friends, families you left back home to enjoy and be motivated to travel to the beautiful continent too. These can also enable you keep updated about the events going on in the world over social media. Additionally, these can help in cases of emergency i.e when you get into any trouble in any country you are visiting, friends can easily track you down considering instances when they last chatted/ saw you on social media. Don’t forget to carry adapters/ power banks to help you in case battery goes low.


Travel with a high end digital camera when traveling to Africa so as to take clear beautiful shots of every moment in any country so as to keep memories of the continent’s beautiful undiscovered mysteries. Whether in the Masai Mara, navigating the inclines of Mt Kilimanjaro, watching Gorillas, Cruising along the various water bodies and watching the brilliant beautiful birds of the air taking clear nice photos for future records with an advanced digital camera should be considered by every traveler around the world traveling to Africa.

GPS Navigation System

The GPS Navigation system will enable you locate various routes and destinations with ease around the various countries the continent has since it portrays a map. Before you travel, carry an up to date GPS Navigation system with you and this will show you all the main, remote routes in every destination of your choice hence enabling you navigate through easily. Alternatively, you can book a trip through an authorized tour operator in the country you are going to for some of these due to their experience have GPS Navigation systems.

Power Bank Portable Power Supply

If you are traveling to Africa, ensure your devices are fully charged for it is hard to charge anywhere around the countries in Africa so we advise you to carry a portable power bank with USB chargers to help you keep your phone/ tablets on. These are available in different sizes, colours, shapes to suit all travelers’ requirements. These must be compatible with your type of device particularly when it comes to output voltage.

Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot

When traveling to Africa, travelers should carry their own Wi-Fi hotspot to enable them get internet around the remote destinations in Africa. This is because in some parts of Africa accessing the internet is very challenging. Alternatively, one can also register with a local telecom provider who will provide you with less costly internet access for you to use while on vacation in Africa.

Luggage Tracker

When traveling to Africa in any destination of your choice, carry a luggage tracker with you to help you find any lost property in cases of misplacements. These are made with advanced micro- electronics and ground based cellular telephone technologies that make tracking and reporting locations very simple/ easy. Don’t forget to carry this essential gear to enhance easy transfer from one destination to another around Africa.

All Gorilla Tours to Congo can be started from Kigali Rwanda and drive to the neighboring country of Democratic republic of congo.  Congo is ranked as the top Destination for Primate Holidays in Africa to visit the Mountain Gorillas & Eastern Lowland gorillas.

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