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Park location

Kahuzi Biega National Park lies west of the Bukavu town in South Kivu Province that borders with Rwanda. A small part of the park is in Mitumba Mountain range of the Great Albertine and the larger part is in lowland terrain, a corridor of 7.4 kilometres (4.6 mi) width joins the mountainous and lowland terrain. The eastern part of the park is the smaller mountainous region measuring 600 square kilometres (230 sq mi); the larger part measures 5,400 square kilometres (2,100 sq mi) and consists mainly of lowland stretching from Bukavu to Kisangani, drained by the Luka and Lugulu rivers which flow into the Lualaba River. Two dormant volcanoes are set within the park’s limits and lend their names to it: Kahuzi (3,308 metres (10,853 ft) and Biéga (2,790 metres (9,150 ft)).

Management of the Park

The mission of the Kahuzi-Biega National Park Board is to conserve the biodiversity of this geographical area, in order to maintain its global value from an ecological, socio-economic and cultural perspective. And it established different bodies in the park to ensure the objectives like Ensure protection, sustainable and participatory management and of its influential zones, in order to maintain its integrity. These sections are listed here and they include Protection, Community Conservation, Gorilla Tourism, Research & Monitoring, and Administration & Finances

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