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Orchids safari Club

Welcome to Orchids safari Club Bukavu

Luxury Orchids Safari ClubOrchids Safari Lodge bukavu is located in Eastern Democratic republic of congo at the shoes of lake Kivu, the Orchids Safari Club is a waterside haven that is situated near the Kahuzi-Biega National Park, the well known destination for being the home of the eastern lowland gorillas in the entire world apart from Maiko National Park also in DR congo, this Congo hotel has views of water on one side and the animal kingdom on the other, depending which window you are gazing out of.

The luxurious nature around Lake Kivu enables us to welcome you in an exceptional environment. This elegant decorated hotel offers a mixture of contemporary and traditional African styles. Every day, our team goes all out to make sure your time on our complex is as relaxing as possible.

Orchids being located An hour drive  from Bukavu to  Kahuzi Biega National Park enables you to enjoy one day gorilla trekking in the Central African Jungles of Tropical rain forests. This park is one of the last nature reserves to home Eastern Lowland gorillas, when booking a gorilla trekking experience enjoy that you read through the gorilla trekking rules , costs of the gorilla permit, what to wear on gorilla safari & Reliable Safari Companies to book 1 Day gorilla tour to Congo. You can approach these giants within a few metres, an unforgettable experience!

Accommodation and rooming of the hotel

Orchids Safari ClubLooking out of the window of Orchids’ Safari Club waterside hotel offers something different, depending on the time of day. Glimpsing the animals at the watering hole of Lake Kivu will make you feel like an intruder in a local pub where the animals gather to rehydrate. Another window offers views of the tranquil lake that shimmers in the moonlight or the hazy view of the gorillas in the mist. Squint through the mist as it settles on Lake Kivu to spot these animals go about their daily tasks close to the hotel.

At Orchids safari Lodge you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the rural Mekong Delta from the comfort and safety of traditional dwellings. These are all built to our own exacting standards with all the comforts you need to make your retreat from the city pleasant and restful.

The Lodge  is the perfect place for you to relax. Whether you want to escape the hectic life of the city, see how all Vietnamese used to live in times gone by or simply want to relax in comfort. Orchids safari lodge offers you an idyllic place to unwind and enjoy the peace of the Mekong.

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