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Guided Nature Walks

Kahuzi biega national park is located in the jungle of Democratic republic of congo and its known for the eastern lowland gorillas and other primates like colobus monkeys and many more.  its from this point that nature walks are possible to search for the primates like Eastern lowland gorillas, birds and other insects plus large mammals.

Guided Nature walks

Taking a forest walk or a guided  tour is also an amazing way that you can get to see the different attractions that live in and around the Kahuzi biega national park.  In your group with your ranger, you will be driven in the park car to the starting point after berifying about the dos and donts while in the jungle of kahuzi biega. you will walk deep into the forest and spend some good time searching for the species that might interest you like the tree species, vegetation as well as the wildlife that live in the park like the forest elephants . You will also expect to view many other primates other than the  Eastern Lowland gorillas , you will see some Colobus monkey and birds.

Guided Walks can be also done in the communities to visit the locals like the home stay practices and appreciate the way of wife of the Congolese people.

Watching the primates in Kahuzi Biega National Park that like staying at the lower levels of the bamboo forests and mountain forests , during the nature walks you don’t have to walk for long here to find  primates like Among the primates in the park include the Dwarf galago, Bosman’s potto, Red Tailed guenon, owl faced guenon, blue guenon, mona guenon, l hoest’s guenon, grey cheeked mangabey, Angolan black and white colobus, northern black colobus , western red colobus, Anubis baboon, chimpanzee which is not the same case with Eastern lowland gorilla trekking. When you come to meet them, you will be so surprised by their beauty as their name suggests as related to the habituation experience .These nature walks give you an improved knowledge about the ecosystem in the Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Guided nature walks are also so good for bird watching. Bird watching needs that low movement so that you can spot even the few bird species that hide in the tree branches and you will miss viewing them during the primate watching trek.

What to carry and wear for a guided nature walk

The forest walk needs the same preparation as the primate walking experience and these include;

  • The Hiking boots are also the best shoes since the jungle is wet much of the time and muddy plus being slippery. The simple shoes will make your movement a bit tough.
  • Trousers and they should be long sleeved since these will protect you from being disturbed by the thorns and the broken tree branches that can cause bleeding. There are also some risky plants including the stinging nettle and these might cause discomfort when they touch the skin.
  • Remember to carry drinking water since you will need it. You can also carry packed food in you are to stay out for long hours. But also remember to keep the bottles and the rubbish with you since littering is not allowed. You have to follow the guider’s rules and regulations in order to have a wonderful nature walk.
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