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How To Obtain a Tourist Visa to Kahuzi Biega National Park

How To Obtain a Tourist Visa to Kahuzi Biega National Park

Tourism Visa to Democratic republic of congo

As tourism in kahuzi biega national park is booming at the high peak due to the improved security and safety of travelers in the region of south Kivu, Gorilla trekking to kahuzi biega national park is among the tour top ranking safaris to congo that are offered by trusted tour operators in Africa, this has increased the income to the park as its managed by wildlife conservation society . This work being done by the park has improved on how to obtain the visa to congo and the following are the clear ways to get the visa to congo irrespective of the inability of the congo government to implement an online visa application system.

Clients can get their tourism visa for the DRC at the DRC embassy in their home country.

The Following are the clear procedures to obtain the visa to congo.

The Visa to congo will require the purchase and confirm a Booking of either safari activity like Gorilla Trekking, Nature walks & Confirmed accommodation with Bukavu town due to the fact that the national park doesn’t have any lodge near the park.

Through the Park:

The Invitation letter will be secured for you and it will be presented to the Embassy in the home country to ease the process of visa acquisition and it work on all the process of Visa Acquisition where by incase you fail in the home country they will secure the visa and drop it off to you at the border of Rusizi 1 on the day of your entry to bukavu, alternatively they will send you a confirmed visa document that you can use to enter Congo.

Through a Congo Safari Agent.

The Safari agent company will take care of the visa and make the clear documents to present at the entry border of Congo, where by they will make all the lodges and hotel bookings, Safari Activities like Gorilla Permits and other primate adventure pass to kahuzi biega & Virunga National Park.

 Alternatively it is possible to get the Visas at the DRC embassies in Nairobi/Kampala/Kigali, but this can prove costly and time consuming. Virunga National Park & Kahuzi Biega National Park  are working on a Tourism Visa which will be available for purchase via our website, once this has been arranged it will be communicated widely. Transport can either be arranged with Car rental congo or via our Tourism Office. For safety reasons we ask our tour operators and visitors to contact the tourism office. See also the section about safety.

Please Note: That a Tourist visa to congo is valid for 14 Days and its single entry visa congo.



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