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Tourism in Democratic republic of congo

Democratic republic of congo is the top Virgin explored country in central Africa covered by huge swathes of rain forest and punctuated by gushing rivers and smoking volcanoes, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC, formerly Zaire) is the ultimate African adventure. As much a geographical concept as a fully fledged nation, DRC has experienced one of the saddest chapters in modern history, suffering a brutal twentieth century of colonial exploitation, authoritarian madness and what has been dubbed Africa’s first ‘world war’, which finally ended in 2003 with the rise of the Kabila political dynasty.

While real stability remains many years away after the end of 2003 Civil war , the cautious development of DRC’s enormous untapped mineral wealth and the presence of the world’s largest UN peacekeeping force have bred optimism among its tormented but resilient population. At the same time, a small but fast-growing tourism industry, centered on the incredible Virunga National park in north of lake Kivu & kahuzi biega national park south of lake kivu , have seen travellers return to what is easily one of Africa’s most thrilling – and challenging – destinations democratic republic of congo.

Potential to be tourist paradise

Sadly, these days the eastern part of the country is probably best known for its warlords, rebel groups and mineral conflicts. But before the 1990s, when it was largely stable, the region was a prime tourist destination.

Both Goma and Bukavu, the provincial capitals of North and South Kivu, respectively, are on the banks of Lake Kivu.
Surrounded by the Virunga Mountains, the area around Goma bears a beautiful resemblance to alpine lakes in Europe. Two national parks are nearby — the Virunga National Park to the north and the Kahuzi-Biega National Park outside Bukavu.

Virunga National Park Congo

The Virunga National Park encompasses numerous habitats, from lowland plains to the Rwenzori Mountains, which reach heights of 5,000 meters (more than 16,000 feet). It’s home to the world’s largest concentration of hippos and also to the continent’s most active volcanoes — the Nyiragongo and the Nyamulagira.

Chronic instability, poaching and absence of funding have made park management difficult over the last two decades, but a dedicated group of Congolese rangers in both parks continue to do their best.

Kahuzi Biega National Park

The Kahuzi Biega National Park is home to one of the last troops of eastern lowland gorillas, a subspecies indigenous to the country.

Kahuzi Biega National Park is the new Tourists destination of for travelers in Congo look at enjoying lowland Gorilla Trekking after the Mountain Gorilla Trek in Virunga National Park when you choose a Guided Tour offered by Congo Tour Operators or Rwanda Tour Operators  to enjoy  Gorilla Trekking in Africa.

This national park is offering visitors the chance to admire the worlds’ largest species of primates, and have simple hike of the two mountains that make up the National Park which are the extinct volcanoes which is a key issue for the conservation of the National Park and the forests in Congo and the Forest Elephants.

Congo Tourists can choose to hike the two summits to enjoy extraordinary views of the vast tracts of surrounding forest of Kahuzi Biega National Park and Lake Kivu and view other Natural Resources and landscapes including tropical forests, bamboo forests, swamps and waterfalls within the Forests.

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