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In 2008, fabby made the Extra effort to undertake an adventure to kahuzi biega national park for Eastern lowland gorilla trekking and the adventure was successful on a privately arranged safari where by it was done in 3 Days safari that started from Kigali international Airport and hired a car from Self drive Rwanda the most leading car rental company in Rwanda, However this company restricted me on crossing their car into democratic republic of congo and advised me to hire with the locals also in congo and it was successful as i left their car parked at the border hotel that they recommended me and they offered me the great help in finding the local car rental company that was called Car rental congo. The driver guide joined me from the border and i secured the visa at the border even although it was expensive. The driver guide for the part of congo was francaiso and booked my accommodation at Coco Lodge.
The next morning the Driver guide transferred me to the park offices and traveled to the park headquarters for the memorable safari holiday.

For the Last decade, Even although there are various warnings about travelers visiting Bukavu, but i found the city calm and i really recommend Kahuzi biega national Park for Wonderful Adventure.

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